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Home Theater, TV & Video

  • Jiekemi S301 Bluetooth...

    Jiekemi S301 Bluetooth Soundbar...


    ✅Scene-Adaptive Sound Modes: The Jiekemi S301 Soundbar offers a versatile audio experience with its distinct Movie Mode and Music Mode. Easily switch between these modes to optimize your listening experience, whether you're watching a movie or enjoying your favorite music.✅Customizable EQ Settings: Experience audio like never before with the multifunctional sound quality EQ. Tailor the sound to your preferences or the content you're enjoying with various EQ presets like Rock, Pop, Jazz, and more. Fine-tune your audio to match your mood and style.✅Cinema Companion Slim Design: This soundbar's slim and flexible design allows for easy placement in any room. The flat subwoofer can be discreetly hidden, and the soundbar itself can fit seamlessly either vertically or horizontally, complementing your TV and conserving space.✅Wireless Bluetooth Connectivity: Enjoy hassle-free music playback with the wireless Bluetooth 5.0 feature. Connect your mobile device to the soundbar for seamless audio streaming, eliminating the need for cumbersome cables and ensuring a clutter-free setup.✅Versatile Connectivity Options: The Jiekemi S301 Soundbar offers a variety of connection methods, including HDMI, optical fiber, USB, AUX, and Bluetooth, making it compatible with a wide range of audio devices on the market. It also includes a remote control for added convenience, ensuring you have the flexibility to connect in the way that suits you best.

  • Mi Smart Projector 2 Pro Tv...

    Mi Smart Projector 2 Pro Tv Home...

    ✅Instant focus: The projector uses a TOF sensor and camera to focus on the screen instantly, even when it is moved or tilted.✅Omni-directional auto-correction: The projector can automatically correct for keystone distortion, so you can get a square image even if the projector is not perfectly aligned with the screen.✅Android TV 9.0: The projector runs Android TV 9.0, which gives you access to a wide range of streaming apps, including Netflix, YouTube, Hulu, and Amazon Prime Video.✅Built-in speakers: The projector has two built-in speakers, so you don't need to connect an external sound system.✅Portable design: The projector is relatively compact and lightweight, making it easy to move around or take with you on vacation.
  • Xiaomi Mi SJL4014GL Smart...

    Xiaomi Mi SJL4014GL Smart...

    ✅The projector typically utilizes advanced projection technology, such as DLP (Digital Light Processing), to deliver high-quality and vibrant visuals. DLP technology offers sharp image quality and accurate color reproduction.✅The projector is capable of projecting content in high definition resolution, typically supporting at least 720p or 1080p resolution. This ensures clear and detailed visuals.✅Includes built-in Wi-Fi connectivity, allowing for seamless wireless streaming of content. You can connect the projector to your home network or compatible devices to access online streaming platforms or media content.✅Runs on the Android TV operating system, providing a user-friendly interface and access to a wide range of apps and content from the Google Play Store. This allows you to enjoy various streaming services, games, and multimedia applications directly on the projector.✅ Includes built-in speakers, providing audio output directly from the projector.
  • Xiaomi Portable Walkie...
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    Xiaomi Portable Walkie Talkie...

    ✅ Extended Calling Distance - Enjoy reliable communication with a calling distance of up to 1-5 kilometers, allowing you to stay connected even over long distances during your outdoor adventures.✅ One-to-Many Communication - Connect and communicate effortlessly with a one-to-many feature, allowing you to broadcast your message to multiple devices simultaneously, making it ideal for group activities, team coordination, or emergency situations.✅ Powerful Sound Projection - The 40mm large-diameter speakers provide powerful sound projection, allowing your voice to carry effectively over longer distances. Whether in crowded areas or outdoor settings, your messages will reach your intended recipients with clarity and precision.✅ Long-lasting 2000mAh Battery - The Xiaomi Walkie Talkie Lite is equipped with a high-capacity 2000mAh battery, ensuring extended usage without frequent recharging. Stay connected for longer periods without worrying about running out of power.✅ Versatile Charging Options - The Xiaomi Walkie Talkie Lite offers a variety of ways to charge, ensuring convenience and flexibility in keeping your device powered up.
  • Xiaomi Redmi TV Soundbar...
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    Xiaomi Redmi TV Soundbar...


    ✅ Powerful soundbar speaker - It brings you ultra-clear stereo sound and strong bass, giving you unprecedented audio enjoyment.✅ Multiple methods to connect - It supports Bluetooth 5.0 wireless connection, AUX input, and S/PDIF cable connection, which means that it works with many devices, like TV, PC, and DVD, etc.✅ Bluetooth technology - It can be connected to most Bluetooth-enabled devices with its advanced Bluetooth technology, no other driver or cable required, rather convenient.✅ Different placements - You can directly place the soundbar speaker on the flat surface or hang it on the wall with the provided mounting tools, saving your room space.✅ Ideal device - It is compact and slim, which won’t occupy much space. Besides, it is stylish and elegant, which won’t destroy the originality of your home style.

  • Xiaomi RMMNT238NF Desktop...
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    Xiaomi RMMNT238NF Desktop...

    ✅With a resolution of 1920*1080 pixels, this monitor brings your content to life with remarkable precision and sharpness.✅178 wide vision Panoramic view at a glance .The 23.8'' IPS wide-angle display offers a vision field of as wide as 178 degrees, with vivid and realistic view at every angle.✅ At just 7.3mm, the thinnest part of its body, this monitor is a space-saving marvel that eliminates desktop clutter and creates an atmosphere of refined simplicity.✅The low blue light mode can filter out the short-wave blue light that is detrimental to the eyes, reducing your eye stress and allowing you to work comfortably.✅The immersive display comes with an ingenuous narrow bezel design on three sides, getting rid of the borders. Whether used alone or in conjunction with other displays, it allows you to indulge in a boundless vision.