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Pots, Pans & Casseroles

  • 3PCS Cookware Set Wok...
    • -AED165.00

    3PCS Cookware Set Wok Frying Pan...

    AED177.86 AED342.86
    • ✨Specially constructed nonstick base avoids heat spots and distributes heat evenly, saving energy.
    • ✨With a long wooden handle, smooth surface, comfortable to grip, prevent burning your hands.
    • ✨Convenient to cook all types of meals for the family. Suitable for Induction, gas furnace, halogen oven, furnaces
    • ✨Visual lid design, you can observe the cooking process in the saucepan at any time.
    • ✨The handles of the Wok & Frying Pan have a hanging loop for convenient storage when not in use. A great gift for your family and friends.
    • ✨Healthy and non-sticky, easy to turn over without fried egg
  • Deerma SK100 4in1...
    • Sold Out

    Deerma SK100 4in1...

    ✅ The product has an impressive 4-in-1 design, which is not only an electric grill pan, but also a hot pot with built-in steamer, which can be flexibly folded and opened up to 180° The shape of the hob can change depending on the user's cooking method Besides, this integrated structure also helps the kitchen save up to 50% of storage space✅ The baking tray below can be removed and replaced with a hot pot tray when needed, or a hot pot tray with a steamer tray In addition, you can also combine all 3 together, including: grilled, hot pot and steamed at the same time✅ Deerma 4-in-1 hot pot stove uses high-speed heating technology with a cooking capacity of up to 2200W, heat evenly distributed 360°, covering all parts of the stove, helping to cook food quickly but still retain the delicious taste, round flavor for the dish✅ The hot pot stove is also equipped with 2 separate temperature control knobs In it, 2 main cooking zones can operate at the same time or cook separately to meet different tastes. Note: The cooking capacity customization is only for hot pot and grill, not for frying area✅ Specifically, in the 120° single pan mode, you can directly turn off the top pan and use only the lower pan for cooking 180° dual pan mode, allowing you to cook 2 sides of the pan at the same time, suitable for large parties Finally, the closed mode, whereby the upper and lower baking trays will be closed to help food cook faster and more evenly Therefore, users will not need to turn dishes often, and these pieces of meat can also be cooked with a strong flavor
  • Egg Frying Pan With 4 Hole,...
    • On sale!
    • Sold Out

    Egg Frying Pan With 4 Hole,...

    • 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE — We respect YOU! That's why we promise that you will receive EXACTLY what you ordered from GStorm. By any chance that you received something else, keep the item and we will refund you 100% without any hassle and no questions asked. 
    • ABRASION-RESISTANT AND DURABLE — The pan features the optimal material, which is featured by the non-stick coating of Maifan stone, and the pan is non-stick, abrasion-resistant and durable, and the pan features the beautiful, and the pan features heat insulation and anti-scalding, comfortable grip.
    • FINE CRAFT AND FINE DESIGN — The pan features the thick pot body design, which is featured by the large-capacity, thus making cooking easier. The pan features the stainless steel anti-burning ring, which is also featured by the anti-scalding design, and the pan is heat-resistant.
    • PRACTICAL AND MULTIPLE TO USE — The pan features intelligent temperature control and the premium bottom, which is featured by the fine shape to achieve even heat conduction, and the bottom of it is not sticky and it is practical for most stoves. The pan can be used to make omelets, burger,s and the like, and the pan features 4 compartments to make cooking quick and easy.
    • EASY TO CLEAN AND ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY MATERIALS — No water inside and outside makes washing easier, easy to cook dishes and pots, ergonomics and firm grip; rely on easy-to-clean functions because the beautiful frying pan can wash dishes
    • With every purchase you make from GStorm, you are helping people in need around the world. GStorm contributes with AED 1 on each product sold to trusted charity organizations in UAE.
  • Royalford - 28cm Non-Stick...
    • -35%

    Royalford - 28cm Non-Stick Flat...

    AED61.29 -35% AED94.29

    Heavy duty Aluminum build- Constructed from strong aluminum that is wonderfully non-stick and energy-saving milk pan. Here's another benefit of aluminum: it heats up quickly and evenly, so you don't get the 'hot spots'. 

    Non-stick coating, dishwasher safe - Non-stick coating for improved performance, easy cooking, and cleaning. Comes with embossed bottom for quick & even heat distribution.

    Healthy eating made easy, Cool touch handle - Whether you need to scramble an egg, fry a chicken, sear a steak or sauté your vegetables, this frying pan is perfect to enjoy varieties of dishes. It cooks up fast, healthy family meals using less oil for healthy eating. Features soft-touch heat resistant handles to help you lift, shake, & move your pan.

    Multiple Hob types - Suitable for multiple cooking sources (stove & cooktops): electric / gas / ceramic / halogen cooktops for ultimate long-lasting flexibility. It heats up quickly & evenly, so you don’t get the ‘hot spots’.

    Multipurpose fry sauté pan  - Cook, fry, bake, broil, flambé & more in these super-strong pans! Perfect for making quick last-minute meals healthier like omelets  and fish, beef, bacon even grilled cheese without oil or butter! The non-stick, non-toxic, and PFOA free surface allows for use of less oil and fat to create a healthier meal & the stickiest of meals will slide right off and wipe right out. Great for sautéing, searing, pan-frying, poaching, caramelizing, and simmering.

  • Royalford - 2pcs Non Stick...
    • -35%

    Royalford - 2pcs Non Stick...

    AED97.50 -35% AED150.00


  • Royalford - 8Pcs Non-Stick...

    Royalford - 8Pcs Non-Stick...


    Royalford - 8Pcs Non-Stick Cookware Set