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Hooks, Buckles & Fasteners

  • 500 Dovetail Clips for NATO...

    500 Dovetail Clips for NATO...

    These high-quality dovetail clips are designed to coil NATO razor wire to form a tubular barrier that will keep unwanted guests out of your garden. The clips should be used in combination with a clip applicator. Made of galvanised steel, the clips are weather- and water-resistant, and highly durable. 500 razor wire clips are included in delivery.
  • NATO Razor Wire Accessory...
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    NATO Razor Wire Accessory Set...

    This NATO razor wire accessory set, including a pair of gauntlets, 200 dovetail clips and a clip applicator, will be ideal for protecting your hands whilst forming barbed wire coils. The set includes 200 high-quality dovetail clips and a clip applicator, making the installation of barbed or razor wire a lot more convenient. The plastic handles of the pliers have a comfortable grip. To protect your hands and wrists from cuts and puncture wounds while handling the razor wire, it is imperative that you use the included gauntlets, which are puncture-resistant. These protective gloves are made of durable yet flexible pigskin, and lined with steel mesh on the palm and back.