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Baby Products

  • Baby Safety Gate - Open'n...
    • On sale!

    Baby Safety Gate - Open'n Stop...



    Designed with a walk-through door with a safety locking feature, you can open it easily with one hand

    ( just press the button, then lift up the gate ). Open less than 90° and the gate will close itself.

    Swing in both directions for easy operating.

  • Bubble Machine For Kids...

    Bubble Machine For Kids...

    • 【Flying Bubble Machine】The new kind flying bubble toy is combined with the bamboo dragonfly. When the bamboo dragonfly with bubbles rushes to the height of 10m, it will bring unlimited fun to children.
    • 【Size & Material】Made of plastic; 8.43"(H) x 3.9". The flying bubble machine has a large capacity, so you can enjoy uninterrupted bubble leisure time!
    • 【No Power Required】The flying bubbles ​does not need power supply, no need to worry about water ingress, no need to worry about charging.
    • 【Romantic Atmosphere】This bubble blowing machine will create a dreamy and happy atmosphere in many occasions: weddings, parties, birthdays, stage, etc.
    • 【Package Includes】1 x Bubble Machine, 1 Bottle of Liquid, 2 Bag of Concentrated Liquid.
  • Portable Potty Training...
    • On sale!

    Portable Potty Training Seat For...

    • 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE — We respect YOU! That's why we promise that you will receive EXACTLY what you ordered from GStorm. By any chance that you received something else, keep the item and we will refund you 100% without any hassle and no questions asked.
    • TRAIN THEM WITH CUTE POTTY  - Some parents may decide to skip the potty and instead have their child move straight to the toilet when they think their toddler is ready. While this may make cleaning up easier, it can also increase the time it takes for your child to get toilet trained.
    • NO MESS - No clean-up afterward, all wee and poo end up in the toilet where it belongs, hopefully. They learn to sit on the toilet from the start.
    • PORTABLE AND COMFORTABLE - Removable toilet training seats are portable, so you can simply pack it away and take it with you, whenever you and your toddler are visiting somebody else’s home, or another public space. Fixed seats are stable and have less chance of coming loose, but are obviously not that portable.
    • With every purchase you make from GStorm, you are helping people in need around the world. GStorm contributes with AED 1 on each product sold to trusted charity organizations in UAE.
  • Star Belly Dream Lites,...

    Star Belly Dream Lites, Stuffed...

    • Magical Moving Patterns: The Star Belly Dream Lites stuffed dinosaur is a soft and cuddly night light for kids that creates glowing stars and fun shapes that drift over walls and the ceiling; helping to create a calm and soothing environment for sleep.
    • A Rainbow Of Colors: Your child will love cuddling with their plush toy day and night; Simply press on the belly to change the light to six different colors; Starbelly Dream Lite stuffed animals come as a unicorn, puppy, kitty, dinosaur and more!
    • Comforting Kids Night Light: Specially designed to light up your child's room with gentle colors, stars & shapes; The cute, softly glowing belly will help help calm and soothe your child to make bedtime more pleasant and help them fall asleep faster.
    • Perfect Travel Friend: Our stuffed animals for boys and girls are light and portable, so are great for travel & sleepovers; Their familiar night light stars will shine wherever they are! Battery operated kids nightlight with automatic turnoff.
    • Create a Dreamy Atmosphere: Star Belly Dream Lites are the perfect stuffed animals to help create a calming atmosphere for your child; These adorable soft toys will be their favorite bedtime friend to snuggle while they drift off to dreamland.