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Bird Supplies

  • Bird Cage Solid Pine & Fir...
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    Bird Cage Solid Pine & Fir Wood...

    This wooden bird house provides a large, cosy place for your birds to fly and play safely. This high-quality aviary provides plenty of exercise space for your birds, while the tight iron wire mesh all around helps prevent mischief and unexpected accidents. The construction of iron wire grid allows you to observe the birds and guarantees your birds a wide field of view and enough fresh air. With a solid wooden frame, the outdoor aviary is strong and durable. The green water-resistant fabric on the roof keeps rain away. A ladder allows the birds to ascent and descent easily. A pull-out tray at the bottom of the bird cage makes cleaning easy. The bird cage is easy to assemble.
  • Bird Houses 4 pcs 12x16x20...
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    Bird Houses 4 pcs 12x16x20 cm...

    These wooden birdhouses are specially designed and provide shelter for your feathered friends in your garden and terrace. The bird nesting box is handmade from solid firwood, making it durable and suitable for outdoor use. This birdcage comes with a green roof and natural wood housing. It is also a perfect ornament and a birds nest. The half housing design allows you to inspect and clean the nest easily. With the pre-drilled holes at the top, the wooden aviary can be easily hung in your garden!