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Cleaning Tools

  • 360° Rotatable Adjustable...
    • -30%

    360° Rotatable Adjustable...

    AED59.33 -30% AED84.76
    • Multifunctional Triangular Mop--- The 130 cm/51.2in(about), 360 rotatable adjustable cleaning mop can be used to clean glass, ground, wall, gap, corner, car, it is easy to clean, durable!
    • Flexible 360° Rotation---The cleaning tray adopts the latest type of triangular design, 360° rotating mop head allows you to leave no dust in the dead corner, easily solve your stubborn dust in the corner of the wall, ceiling and window.
    • Removable & Washable--- These replacement mop pads are machine washable, reusable and environment friendly. You can reuse the pads and save your money on unnecessary disposable replacement pads. Every time you finish the cleaning work, just throw the pads into the washing machine
    • Wet & Dry Dual Using--- This wall cleaner mop includes 2 microfiber cleaning pads for wet and dry cleaning. Microfiber mop heads are great for wiping the windows, cleaning, dusting and hair removal.
    • Space-saving design---Cleaning Mop can be stored in a vertical corner, occupying less space, also for quick dry. Works with: Stone, Tiles, Laminate, Hard Wood, Bamboo, Cement, Baseboards, and Drywall.
  • Royalford - Easy Spin Mop...

    Royalford - Easy Spin Mop And...

    • ROTATING 360 DEGREE MOP - This 360-degree rotating design for the spin mop is perfect for reaching narrow spaces and hard-to-reach areas between door hinges. They are also ideal for use in mopping the kitchen, bathroom, lobby, car, bedroom, etc.
    • FLEXIBLE GRIP - The handle angle may be adjusted from 45 to 180 degrees for the most comfortable mopping position, ensuring no strain on your arms while you mop! This self-washing and the self-wringing system makes cleaning easy and reduces cleaning time! Perfect for cleaning all types of floors, your hardwood floor, laminate, tile, vinyl, stone, or even concrete. You can also use it as a dry mop to pick up hair and dust.
    • LIGHTWEIGHT AND DURABLE - Equipped with an anti-skid sliding grip and a lightweight mob handle made of steel & is strong enough to withstand applied pressure to remove those tough and stubborn floor stains.
    • HIGH-QUALITY MICROFIBER - It has super thin microfiber strands with great absorbing ability, effectively removing the foul liquid without damaging your flooring along with extra particle pick up and a deep-down clean.
    • EASY USE - The bucket has a spinner in the part where you put the water. The spinner section is to wash the mop head. Put mop on top of the bucket agitator keeping the handle straight & pushing the handle down to activate spinning the mop head it will wring the mop out fast & easy. The agitator releases dirt in the water on the other side removes water from the mop head. Keeps your hands out of dirty water. Pivot joint on the mop heads to get underneath furniture.
  • Royalford Sponge Roller...

    Royalford Sponge Roller Mop,...

    • PREMIUM QUALITY – Our mop is built with a heavy-duty handle and durable quality to last for years with proper use and care. The super absorbent polyvinyl acetate sponge head cleans gently without scratching and is safe for all floor surfaces including tile, laminate, marble and wood. The roller system gives it twice the wringing power over other similar mops. Suitable for commercial, home and industrial applications.
    • SUPER ABSORBENT – Picks up over 5 times more liquid than a regular mop and locks it in place so it doesn’t drip. Instead of pushing water around like a regular mop, the mop cleans, absorbs, and dries all at once. The sponge absorbs water as you mop, so your floors dry in minutes. When not in use, the sponge dries hard so no mould or mildew will grow. The sponge will not rot, pick up odours, or smell like other conventional and sponge mops.
    • EASY TO USE – Soak a sponge in warm water for 10 minutes or more until the sponge is completely wet and soft throughout before each use. The hand-operated lever provides effortless wringing and keeps your hands free of dirt and water. Pull lever upward and toward the pole to extract dirt and water out of the sponge. Easy assembly is required of the handle. Simply attach the pole extension pieces to the mop head. To replace the mop head, unscrew the four screws and replace.
    • ADJUSTABLE LENGTH – New and improved pole design with support rings for added strength. Our heavy-duty aluminium handle comes with 3 pole extension pieces so you can adjust the height to accommodate various heights and tasks. The lightweight design allows you to reach tall windows and deep under furniture without tiring you out. When you are done, you can take the pole apart for easy storage. The long metal handle makes it easy to clean hard to reach areas such as under the beds, sofas etc
    • ERGONOMIC DESIGN – The sponge is specially designed with horizontal grooves to remove, absorb and lift tough dirt, lint, and hair off floors, windows, and other hard surfaces. Because it picks up dirt instead of pushing it around like a normal mop, you don’t have to sweep beforehand! Sweep, mop and vacuum all at the same time! Effortlessly trap spills and debris until you are ready to rinse and wring it into your mop bucket. The angled mop head can be used in tight corners and makes deep cleaning easier.
  • Xtra Strong 14 L Cleaning...
    • -50%

    Xtra Strong 14 L Cleaning Bucket...

    AED48.10 -50% AED96.19
    • The Xtra Strong cleaning bucket with mop has a premium-quality PP bucket with non-woven mop head for high-efficiency floor cleaning.
    • High-efficiency floor cleaning for all floor types and keeps your hands out of dirty water.
    • No spill and does not cause any damage to your floor.
    • It works great on both wet and dry floors.
    • It efficiently removes water and other dusts.
  • ZOLELE FM01 Mop Dirt...
    • Sold Out

    ZOLELE FM01 Mop Dirt Separation...

    ✅Dirt separation system: The mop head has two compartments, one for clean water and one for dirty water. This prevents the dirty water from mixing with the clean water, which helps to keep your floors cleaner.✅Self-cleaning function: The mop has a self-cleaning function that washes the mop head after use. This helps to prevent the spread of bacteria and germs.✅3 in 1 functionality: The mop can be used for wet mopping, dry mopping, and scrubbing. This makes it a versatile tool that can be used for a variety of cleaning tasks.✅Lightweight and easy to use: The mop is lightweight and easy to use. It is also cordless, so you can move around freely while you are cleaning.✅Multiple cleaning modes: The mop has multiple cleaning modes, including wet mopping, dry mopping, and scrubbing. This allows you to customize the cleaning process to your specific needs.
  • Zolele ZE003 Water Spray...
    • Sold Out

    Zolele ZE003 Water Spray Mop...

    ✅The mop comes with a number of attachments, including a mop head, a brush head, and a crevice tool. The mop head is for general cleaning, the brush head is for cleaning tough stains, and the crevice tool is for cleaning in tight spaces.✅The water tank has an adjustable nozzle that allows you to control the amount of water mist that is released. This is useful if you have different types of floors or if you are cleaning in a small space.✅Mop is lightweight and easy to use. It weighs just over 2 pounds and it has a long handle that makes it easy to reach all areas of your floor.✅This type of mop is a convenient and efficient way to clean hard floors. It is especially useful for people who have limited mobility or who do not want to get their hands wet. The slightly wet spray is also gentle on hard floors, so you do not have to worry about scratching them.✅Can be used for both dry and wet cleaning. The mop head is made of microfiber, which is a type of fabric that is known for its absorbent properties. The microfiber mop head can be used to absorb water and dirt, and it can also be used to decontaminate surfaces.