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List of products by brand Geepas

  • Digital Air Fryer, 3.5L...

    Digital Air Fryer, 3.5L...

    3.5L Oil & Fat Free Air Fryer
    7 Program for frying + variable time program + variable temperature program
    Low emission of energy-saving time
    Cool touch handle; LED Display; Sensor touch panel
    Removable container non-stick coated with safety switch
    Continuously adjustable thermostat (80-200°C)
    Overheat protection
    AC: 220-240V 50/60Hz 1500W; Size: 31.4x31.2x26.5cm
    LARGE CAPACITY - Our large air fryer with 3.5 liters of cooking capacity so you can easily cook enough healthy low-fat food to feed a small family using little to no oil.
    TOUCHSCREEN LED DISPLAY, DOUBLE PROTECTION – It has a touchscreen LED display that lets you set the timer and temperature and also tells the progress of the food being fried. It has double protection layers for ensuring safety. Cook various food items in it including but not limited to fries, chicken, sausages, gammon, and more
    NON-STICK BASKET WITH LFGB & FDA – This air fryer has a large capacity basket. The basket is made entirely from non-stick material and is gentle on the food. It is LFGB, and FDA passed and safe for your health.
    OVERHEATING PROTECTION WITH AUTOMATIC SAFETY SHUT DOWN - With automatic overheating protection and a safety shut-down, you'll never again have to worry about hazards in the kitchen, as you can simply set the timer and forget about it until the cooking is complete.
    7 PROGRAMS - Just tap the display to select a preset cooking mode and then the air fryer nearly instantly cooks any meal at the perfect preset time and temperature. Quickly and easily, make your favorite comfort food such as French fries, cake, pizza, mixed vegetables, chicken, steak, shrimp, and fish.
  • Electric Bug Killer, Two 15...
    • -AED65.00

    Electric Bug Killer, Two 15 Watt...

    AED195.00 AED260.00

    Bug Killer-Bs Plug /2x15w Tube 1X6

  • Extension Socket, 3 Ways,...

    Extension Socket, 3 Ways, 5m...

    Extension Socket WthUSB Port/3Way-5M1x12
  • Geepas - 2000W Digital...
    • -20%

    Geepas - 2000W Digital Infrared...

    AED182.86 -20% AED228.57
  • GEEPAS - 2200W Ceramic...
    • -20%

    GEEPAS - 2200W Ceramic Steam...

    AED151.62 -20% AED189.52
  • Geepas - 3 Way Extension...
    • -20%

    Geepas - 3 Way Extension Socket...

    AED121.90 -20% AED152.38
  • Geepas - 6 Socket Extension...
    • -35%

    Geepas - 6 Socket Extension with...

    AED120.71 -35% AED185.71
  • Geepas - 750W Grill Maker,...
    • -15%

    Geepas - 750W Grill Maker,...

    AED97.14 -15% AED114.29
  • Geepas - Automatic Dry Iron...
    • -25%

    Geepas - Automatic Dry Iron...

    AED135.00 -25% AED180.00
  • Geepas - Automatic Rice...
    • -30%

    Geepas - Automatic Rice Cooker...

    AED132.67 -30% AED189.52
  • GEEPAS - Bread Toaster 2...
    • -40%

    GEEPAS - Bread Toaster 2 Slices...

    AED114.29 -40% AED190.48
  • Geepas - Digital Air Fryer...
    • -20%

    Geepas - Digital Air Fryer 1400W...

    AED278.10 -20% AED347.62
  • Geepas - Digital Air Fryer...
    • -15%

    Geepas - Digital Air Fryer 3.5L,...

    AED283.33 -15% AED333.33
  • Geepas - Emergency Light,...
    • -45%

    Geepas - Emergency Light,...

    AED52.38 -45% AED95.24

  • Geepas - Heavy Weight Dry...
    • -20%

    Geepas - Heavy Weight Dry Iron -...

    AED151.62 -20% AED189.52
  • GEEPAS - Waffle Maker,...
    • -23%

    GEEPAS - Waffle Maker, Electric...

    AED145.93 -23% AED189.52
  • Geepas 1.5L Automatic Rice...

    Geepas 1.5L Automatic Rice...

    3-IN-1 FUNCTIONS - This pot features 3 different function namely cook, steam and keep warm. It allows you to choose how you prepare your rice. After cooking, you can also keep your food warm using 'Keep Warm' function. The steam function lets you cook rice healthily while preserving the nutrients.
    TEMPERED GLASS LID - This rice cooker has a sturdy lid made from tempered glass. It has a stainless steel rim that fixes it into place. It does not get smoky and lets you watch your rice as they are being cooked. Its compact design also makes it easy to store away or fit on any counter-top, making it ideal for smaller kitchens.
    1.5L LARGE CAPACITY, - This pot has 1.5L capacity; it enables you to cook large amount of rice at a time, enough quantity for large family. Now you can make meals anytime. Create fluffy rice dishes for the family with this capacity rice cooker.
    EASY CLEAN NON-STICK INNER POT - The removable inner pot is made from a non-stick material. The food does not stick to the bottom, and it is super easy to clean and maintain.
    SIMPLE OPERATION, 2-YEARS WARRANTY - Simple ON/OFF operation with handy keep warm function - indicator lights let you know which function is in use.
  • Geepas 3 In 1 Mixer Cum Blender 600w 7 Level Speed, 5 Liter Stainless Steel Bowl, Splash Guard
    • -16%

    Geepas 3 In 1 Mixer Cum Blender...

    AED399.20 -16% AED475.24
    • 600W POWERFUL COPPER ENGINE – This power will give the ideal aftereffect of the work and manages to perform any given task rapidly and proficiently. It guarantees tailor blending easily and altogether for an assortment of nourishment, extending from pasta to frozen yogurt, egg whites to bread batter dough.
    • 7-LEVEL MIXING SPEED CONTROL – BAKE, MIX, BATTER, KNEAD OR BLEND TO PERFECTION - Choose your ideal 7 blending speed by just turning the dial as an afterthought. You can likewise curve the dial to the right side for a speedy manual when you need an eruption of blending power which makes it perfect for beating, whisking, kneading, and blending to guarantee quick, intensive and exact blending.
    • 5 LITRE STAINLESS STEEL MIXING BOWL – With a cup of this size, you can blend all that you need and its size is sufficient for a lot of heating and different things that you will require. The tempered steel bowl easily secures set up on the stand blender and has 1 handle to assist you in lifting and moving easily.
    • CONVENIENT DESIGN WITH SPLASH GUARD WITH POURING SPOUT & 3 ATTACHMENTS – The 5L blending bowl secures and incorporates a plastic sprinkle slash guard to avoid any spills. Both are removable for simple cleaning. Launch button for simple embellishment change.
    • ACCESSORIES INCLUDED, 2 YEARS MANUFACTURER WARRANTY - Package Includes mixer, Stainless steel Whisk, Aluminium Dough Hook, Flat Beater & Egg Whip.
  • Geepas Air Fryer-  1600W, 5...

    Geepas Air Fryer- 1600W, 5 L...

    A 5 L air fryer with a rack to prepare the tastiest food and snacks without oil and up to 80% less fat.
    Equipped with a control knob to adjust the time and temperature, and a 30-minute timer.
    The air fryer employs VORTX air frying technology, which cooks food 30% faster while using 99% less oil, resulting in delicious, non-greasy results.
    Suitable for oil-free cooking and making fries, bread, cake, meat, chicken, steak, etc.
    The temperature ranges from 100 to 200 degrees Celsius.
    AC 220-240V 50Hz 1400-1600W
    Product weight: 5.58 kg.
    Product color: Black.