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  • GStorm
    • -25%

    GStorm Educational mat for KIDS...

    AED85.71 -25% AED114.29
    • It can teach children about the different times of salah and the various body movements and positions, and what to say during them. In order to make the learning process easy, prayer mat will guide the user through two rakat of salah using a simple to understand format
    • 7 different languages (English, French, Arabic, Malaysian, Indonesian, Turkish, and Urdu) and 36 touch sensitive keys Requires 3 x AA Batteries (Not Provided)
    • This educational Interactive prayer mat designed to educate children on how to perform the Muslim prayer in a fun and enjoyable way. The interactive prayer mat is touch- sensitive and has pre-recorded keys that can be touched to reveal the sound, such as prayer times, how to do wudu, recite surahs, and much more
    • Give someone the Gift of Salah, Can be given as a gift to your children, family and friends. With this product, it is the easiest way to teach your child prayers. Guarantee your child would love to pray
  • House of Dragon Wooden...

    House of Dragon Wooden Secret...


    🐲 ESCAPE ROOM GAME - Solve puzzles one by one, gradually unlocking new ciphers and symbols on the wooden puzzle. Move various mechanisms to get to the secret compartment of the puzzle box. No lucky accidents! Everything is based on logical decisions.

    🐲 2-in-1: UNIQUE GIFT & WOW GIFT BOX - The wooden box has a secret compartment measuring 7 x 5 x 4,5 cm, where you can hide an additional birthday gift: jewelry, money, or just a note with wishes. The possibilities are endless! The best money box for cash Present at the Birthday Party!

    🐲 PUZZLE FUN GUARANTEED - Over 60min. of mind-blowing puzzle fun! The escape room in a box consists of 63 separate parts so that all the mechanical puzzles have their place, which means that the brain board games experience is much more interactive and interesting.

    🐲 INSTANTLY REASSEMBLES - Unlike one-time solve & forget standard mystery puzzles, our brain quest puzzle for adults can be instantly reloaded with a new gift & reassembled to restart the fun – ideal for family game nights! Mystery Puzzles don't give you a way to exit the Escape Room Game? Don't worry, find the website with our tips in the brain puzzle instruction.

    🐲 BRAIN-BOOSTING FUN - The perfect choice for puzzle games and Rubiks Cube lovers & kids, our escape room in a box provides a real mental workout, turbocharging logic & problem-solving skills in a single package! 3D Wooden Brain Puzzles is a great adventure for young and expert puzzle lovers.

  • Labyrinth Puzzle - 40 pcs...

    Labyrinth Puzzle - 40 pcs Wooden...


    4-6 hours of puzzle fun – since you do not have a picture as a template as with classic puzzles, each puzzle piece is designed to keep you busy for several minutes. But there is only one solution!

    Puzzle of the new generation – just putting together pictures, is you too boring? Then this wooden toy is just the thing for you. Here you are placed on yourself and your spatial imagination.

    Improve your concentration - promote your logical thinking as well as spatial imagination and relieve stress. The smart wooden patience game for adults, children and seniors.

    Ideal gift for puzzle fans – of course, you can also put a big smile on your friends, colleagues or family members with this puzzle and give them a unique gift.

    Montessori toy: hours of puzzling can not only be fun, but children also train their fine motor skills, improve their hand-eye coordination and practice concentration and patience.

  • Orbital Mystery - Wooden...

    Orbital Mystery - Wooden Puzzle...


    🚀 Exclusive & Creative - Giving a voucher or cash in an envelope is not good enough for you? Then Orbital Box will help you. Put your gift in a 7,5 х 9,5 х 8 cm wooden puzzle box and amaze your loved ones.

    🚀 Suitable for any occasion - Whether a birthday, wedding, Valentine's day, or as packaging for a Christmas present. This unique money box for cash is ideal for any occasion!

    🚀 Emotions are the best gift - Do you want the most creative wooden puzzle gift boxes at the event? Do you want your cash gift or voucher card to be presented creatively and personally? Then Orbital Box will do it for you!

    🚀 Reusable - After solving the puzzle box games for adults, you can reassemble the Escape Puzzle Box and play again. If you don't know what to do, we'll help you with tips and tricks.

    🚀 Unique Gift Idea - Personal wooden toys educational boxes with hidden compartments allow you to express your love and appreciation to men and women, adults and children, friends and family. Unique birthday gift for him and her!

  • Quest Puzzle Wooden Brain...

    Quest Puzzle Wooden Brain Teaser...


    🧩 UNIQUE MONTESSORI CHALLENGE: The ESC WELT Quest Puzzle is a one-of-a-kind wooden brain teaser inspired by Montessori principles. With its intricate design and 44 precisely crafted pieces, this engaging puzzle provides a stimulating challenge for teens and adults, fostering critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

    🧩 ECO-FRIENDLY & DURABLE MATERIALS: Our Quest Puzzle is made from sustainably sourced, high-quality wood, offering an environmentally friendly and long-lasting alternative to plastic and cardboard puzzles. The wooden pieces are expertly crafted for a smooth, enjoyable puzzle-solving experience.

    🧩 ENTERTAINING & EDUCATIONAL: The ESC WELT Quest Puzzle not only delivers hours of amusement but also helps develop essential cognitive skills. This captivating wooden brain teaser promotes focus, patience, hand-eye coordination, and fine motor skills, making it an ideal educational toy for both teens and adults.

    🧩 PERFECT GIFT FOR PUZZLE LOVERS: Surprise your loved ones with a unique and beautifully designed Quest Puzzle that makes an ideal gift for puzzle enthusiasts, brain-teaser aficionados, and anyone seeking a fun and educational challenge. Encourage mental stimulation and creativity with this thoughtful gift.

    🧩 COMPACT & PORTABLE DESIGN: The compact size of the ESC WELT Quest Puzzle allows for easy storage and transportation. Enjoy this engaging mind game at home or on the go, and experience the challenge and satisfaction of solving an intricate puzzle wherever you are.

  • Quest Pyramid 3D Puzzle...

    Quest Pyramid 3D Puzzle Game -...


    ⚒ Top building fun - Just like other model kits and 3D wooden Easter gifts puzzles from Escape Welt for adults, this DIY puzzle game will keep you busy and entertained for many hours. You will also receive understandable step-by-step building instructions for the puzzle box game.

    💡 Challenging - Tricky puzzles that require logical thinking and creativity are waiting for you. Can you open the wooden puzzle box pyramid and reveal the secret of the burial chamber?

    🤎 Give it away to your loved ones - The puzzle box has a large secret compartment. Open the wooden puzzle box, place the gift inside like a voucher or cash and let your loved ones find it! You can use a puzzle box as a money wrapper for Christmas!

    🎁 A Gift to Remember - This money puzzle box is a creative gift for any occasion or for the easter baskets! Whether as a hobby model maker or an escape room lover. Suitable for all ages (from 14 years).

    🔄 Reusable - High-quality birch wood is used to keep the brainteaser puzzle box sturdy, which means the wooden puzzle game won't break easily. The wooden puzzle box game consists of many mechanical puzzles, so the gaming experience is much more interactive and exciting.

  • Space Box - Birch Wood...

    Space Box - Birch Wood Puzzle...


    🔝 PREMIUM QUALITY PUZZLE BOX: The Space Box from ESC WELT is a high-quality, wooden puzzle box made of sturdy birch wood. It measures 4.7 inches in width and 3.6 inches in height and contains 96 individual pieces that need to be correctly combined to solve the puzzle. The ESC WELT Space Box is a durable and challenging brain teaser puzzle that will provide hours of fun.

    🔑 SECRET COMPARTMENTS: This gift puzzle box features two secret compartments, making it a great choice for those looking for puzzle boxes with hidden compartments. Use the compartments to store small surprise gifts, money, or other valuable mini items. The mystery space box is a challenging and visually appealing escape room puzzle that will encourage you to solve your mysterious puzzles.

    🧩 IMPROVES PROBLEM-SOLVING SKILLS: The Space Box puzzle box is a great way to increase your IQ level and train your creative thinking. It's an excellent choice for those looking for brain teaser puzzles and puzzles for adults. The ESC WELT Space Box puzzle box is a great way to improve your problem-solving skills and provide a real mental workout.

    🎁 PERFECT GIFT FOR ADULTS AND TEENAGERS: The wooden Space Box puzzle comes in exquisite packaging, making it a perfect gift for both children and adults. Its stylish features and natural material make it a perfect decorative piece for any desk or home shelf. The Space Box can also be used as imaginative and novel gift packaging or as a gift to itself. It's an ideal puzzle box for adults, teenagers, and anyone who loves brain teaser puzzles.

    ♻️ REUSABLE AND PORTABLE: The Space Box is designed to be disassembled and reassembled, making it a reusable puzzle box. The lightweight and compact design makes it easy to carry and perfect for on-the-go puzzle solving. This escape room in a box for adults is a great choice for family game nights, or to take with you on trips.

  • GStorm
    • -20%

    Spider Gloves Web Shooter for...

    AED34.29 -20% AED42.86
    • Start Hero Network, save dangerous cities again and again, and be loved by countless people. This transmitter is designed for kids who like heroic movies.
    • Kids can imagine themselves as their favorite online hero. They can develop their world outlook and mission by playing hero games. The Hero Launcher offers children an amazing world of childhood.
    • The Hero Launcher provides children with an amazing childhood world. It can increase the child's interaction. You can play together, improve your interaction with your child, and let your child play happily
    • The boot film is a smooth disc, and the boot power is moderate, so it won't hurt the baby.
    • This is the perfect gift for children's birthdays, Christmas, Children's Day or hero loving fans. Children can develop their world view and mission by playing hero games. Hero launcher is a great world for children.
  • GStorm
    • -45%

    Truck Toy Cars for Boys, 4 Pack...

    AED41.38 -45% AED75.24
    • 360 DEGREE ROTATING, GO UP THE SLOPES: Simply push hard these toy cars to revolve the wheels, then put the vehicle upright, it will achieve 360 degree rotation. And if you give a hard push of the car toys, they will climb over obstacles and go up the slopes. Cool toy cars for boys kids and toddlers. Easy to operate, and will bring hours of fun to your little ones.
    • Easy to Operate: Push the friction car forward slightly then it go and last for quite a long distance.No battery required. We’ve designed the light up toys for boys and girls to be an absolute breeze to operate by kids thanks to the push go mechanism. Children under six should play our car toys only under adult supervision.
    • Durable and Safe: Heavy duty alloys make it a durable, long-lasting toy gaming device. Monster truck with oversized tires. A great educational and learning toy that teaches your child to feel the inertia of the car and inspire the child's interest.
    • Powerful Features: The body of the monster truck is made of high quality metal and large wheels. It has the power to drive on many terrains. It easily breaks through obstacles in indoor and outdoor environments, including lawns, patios and living rooms. This monster truck toy is loved by children.
    • Holiday Gifts: Congratulations on birthday gifts for children's birthdays, children's day, Halloween, Christmas, New Year and other festivals. In addition, the monster truck can improve the child's ability to improve, improve the child's ability to adapt and thinking, is the perfect toy gift for boys and girls children.