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  • Deerma VX910W Cordless...
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    Deerma VX910W Cordless Smart...

    ✅ 14kPa Powerful Suction - It is equipped with a strong motor that generates powerful suction, allowing it to effectively pick up dust, dirt, and debris from various surfaces.✅ Wet and Dry Cleaning - The vacuum cleaner is designed to handle both wet and dry cleaning tasks. It can efficiently vacuum dry messes like dust and pet hair, as well as handle wet spills or stains.✅ Cordless and Lightweight - With its cordless design, you can freely move around without the hassle of cords or limited reach. The lightweight construction makes it easy to carry and maneuver around your home.✅ Multiple Cleaning Modes - It offers different cleaning modes to cater to various cleaning needs. You can switch between modes to optimize cleaning performance based on the surface or type of mess.✅ HEPA Filtration - The vacuum cleaner is equipped with a HEPA filter that helps trap small particles, allergens, and dust mites, providing cleaner air in your living space.
  • Deerma VX96W Cordless...
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    Deerma VX96W Cordless Vacuum...

    ✅ Cordless Convenience - The vacuum cleaner is cordless, allowing you to move around freely without the restriction of a power cord.✅ Versatile Cleaning - It supports both wet and dry cleaning modes, making it suitable for a wide range of cleaning tasks and surfaces.✅ Strong Suction Power - The vacuum cleaner offers 15kPa powerful suction to effectively remove dirt, dust, debris, and even liquids.✅ Dust Container and Water Tank - The vacuum cleaner has a dust container for dry cleaning and a separate water tank for wet cleaning, ensuring efficient and hygienic cleaning of different types of messes.✅ Easy Emptying and Cleaning - The dust container and water tank are designed for easy emptying and cleaning, providing convenience and ease of maintenance.
  • Hicon HZB-16AL Smart Ice...
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    Hicon HZB-16AL Smart Ice Maker...

    ✅ Efficient Ice Production - The Hicon HZB-16AL ice maker delivers fast and efficient ice production, ensuring you have a steady supply of ice whenever you need it.✅ Adjustable Ice Cube Sizes - Customize your ice cubes to suit your preferences with the Hicon HZB-16AL. Whether you prefer small and compact ice cubes or larger ones, this ice maker offers adjustable cube sizes.✅ Versatile Application - Whether it's for your home, office, dorm room, or outdoor gatherings, the Hicon HZB-16AL ice maker is versatile and can meet your ice-making needs in various settings.✅ Easy Operation - Enjoy hassle-free ice making with the Hicon HZB-16AL. It offers intuitive controls and user-friendly operation, making it simple to use for anyone.✅ Rapid Ice Production - With its high ice production capacity, the Hicon HZB-16AL ensures that you won't have to wait long for a fresh batch of ice. It can produce a significant amount of ice within a short time.
  • Hicon HZB-16AL Smart Ice...
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    Hicon HZB-16AL Smart Ice Maker...

    ✅ Noise Cancellation -(-35dB) ANC Stunning Listening Experience - Hybrid ANC technology is upgraded to accurately capture more noise and cancel it in reverse, achieving an ideal noise cancellation effect and allowing you to enjoy a world with less background noise.✅ Three-mic Smart Noise Cancellation - Haylou X1 Pro has three microphones on each earbud. MICs, together with the call noise cancellation algorithm enabled through the neural network model, can effectively reduce noises and ensure clear call quality.✅ Bluetooth - Upgraded Bluetooth 5.2 Fast and Stable Connection. Haylou X1 Pro has better performance, more stable connection, and lower power consumption with upgraded Bluetooth 5.2 chip and intelligent connection optimization for strong interference scenarios.✅ Low Latency Gaming Mode - Simultaneous transmission for both ears has effectively reduced sound delay. Triple tap the right earbud to enable gaming mode for smoother gaming and audio visual experience.✅ AAC HD Codec - With a higher audio decoding rate, more beautiful music details are retained. Haylou X1 Pro is compatible with both Android and iOS systems.
  • Lydsto R5 3-in-1 Smart...
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    Lydsto R5 3-in-1 Smart Robot...

    ✅3-In-1 Mop Sweep Robot Vacuum: The robot vacuum and mop come with a 220ml dust box and 230ml water tank. You can choose three working modes by APP: sweeping, mopping, or sweeping and mopping. Additionally, by controlling 3-speeds water flow reaches a balance of moistness and quick drying, and the damp pad cleans your vacuumed hard floors.✅40 Days Hands-Free Cleaning: You can enjoy up to 40 days of automatic, which empties dirt and dust into a hygienically sealed 3L dust bag, never returning to the floor. It helps you dispose of dust, pet hair, and other debris in your home without lifting a finger.✅LDS Navigation System: The auto robot vacuum cleaner has LDS radar navigation that scans your home in real-time and generates an accurate layout map of your rooms. Equipped with the new generation LD14P radar, capable of 360° omnidirectional scanning within an 8m range on a 2D plane, enabling high-precision distance measurement for both near and far, and accurate route planning.✅Advanced Smart Sensors: This robot vacuum self emptying built-in 15 types of sensors, which include anti-drop sensors, infrared buffer anti-collision board, which can intelligently identify and avoid walls, stairs, furniture, and obstacles to prevent collisions and falls, auto back to the charging dock to recharge and pick up where it left off cleaning, etc.✅3000Pa Ultra Cleaning Efficiency: R5 Robotic Vacuums come with enhanced suction power up to 3000Pa that greatly improves cleaning efficiency and keeps all the dust at bay. the robotic vacuum will auto-detect and adjust the power for deeper cleaning quietly no matter whether on wooden, ceramic floors, or carpets.